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    Nah, it sold for $4400 already. And if I replace the wagon, I want it to be with an 04 or newer. All in due time. Super or Standard ? I restored a 73 Super in Florida. Easy to work on, easy to find cheap parts for them. Since 73 was the highest production year, they're worth less and since they have the independent front suspension, some VW peeps don't look at them as real Beetles. Still an awesome car, I had a lot of fun driving it for 2 years. Before: Hood was a junkyard hood, original hood was MIA.... After:
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    Ross84volvo - 14 days for bypassing word filter and taking the internet too seriously.... again. http://volvospeed.com/vs_forum/index.php/topic/128671-volvo-dealership-stressin-me-out/
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    ten years or newer? trying to get the scene around here alittle more modern?
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    We gonna start needing disclaimers? I thought everything posted in political was known to be a joke. My bad.
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    Long beach 850/turboedvolvo/projectbewst - 7 days for Pming me just to call me an ignorant son of a bitch. He needs to remove his tinfoil hat and take the Internet less seriously.
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    If by "they," you mean an underwhelming minority of Canadians...then yes, they are! Otherwise, you really couldn't be any more wrong on the subject. According to people that actually live there, anyway. It's funny to listen to Americans that try to teach Canadians about their own system. lol. Of course, there will always be people speaking solely on behalf of their own experiences, regardless of whether or not their experience is indicative of the norm. But anyone who thinks the saving of lives should be a for-profit business is a couple IV's short of an ER. We are supposed to be the richest, most prosperous country in the nation...but we can't afford to give our citizens basic health care?! Pathetic.
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    i vote josh's s60 challenge.
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    wat wat in the poking butt yayyyyyyyyyy i can has edit Haha, -4 for meeeeeee.
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    What effing discussion? You don't bother to read what's posted, then suggest I be "legislated," whatever the hell that means. Congrats right back atcha for playing the internet-victim card, and have fun in this here sandbox. :lol:
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    Working on myspace plug in now, and then a twitter plug in. Myspace page is http://www.myspace.com/volvospeed for those who did not know.
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    For those of you active on Facebook you can now update your VS profile from facebook or sync both together. To enable the facebook connect go to your profile in the top right of this page and click on manage facebook connect. Main page for updates on facebook itself is: http://www.facebook.com/pages/Volvospeed-Connect/465598200213?ref=mf
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    wow the CAPS game was awesome... haha sorry Pens :)