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    Spent the day hanging the GF's new exhibition at a local gallery, decided it was warm enough to get the rear of the car up on stands and search again for the long-term weird rear suspension issue. Shocks off , springs off, found the PS trailing arm bushing was toast - the metal collar around the bushing just fell off as I was poking around with a pry bar, and by the corrosion it had been trashed for a while. Everything else looks firm and tight. Why do I always find this stuff at 4.30pm on a Saturday? And...why did the guys who did my "4 wheel alignment" two weeks ago fail to spot this? (and why didn't I?)
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    i have been off VS for too long
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    Drove Ada to pick up Wendy's Twisted M&M Frosty First time in about week I have not been messed up on pain meds :)
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    gay that you named your car. especially that you named it "Ada" for my car, i vacuumed it and conditioned the leather. also made an appointment to have my wheels refinished on monday.
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    serves him right walking to a f-ing bus stop.
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    No Adam is just trying to pick on me.