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    you thought wrong, under exposed, iso is off, and that dog is ugly
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    Hopefully you threw him in the wash machine after your 30 seconds of fun!!
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    run a line from your compressor to the bottom port on the Greddy and you will get a slightly faster response time.
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    some things never get old same guy :lol:
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    oh danny don't be such a fucking drama queen dave don't change being a stupid dick head on the internet and pretty cool in person after you get married :lol:
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    4 years with the gf now fiance' Married in 30 days... crrraaaazzzyyy
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    ha, you don't know me very well. but thanks?
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    That is sad. I did not believe in marriage... had some crazy girls.. learned a lot from every f-ed up relationship. so its great when you find the right person. Both our parents are still together 30+ years each. haha, done and done. I will be at Carlisle next year.
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    They might make fun of every religion but there are people that practice that religion/faith that are extremists. so to them you can't say whatever you want.
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    Traded it for a 2007 V70R for the day. Fell in love with Volvo all over again.