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    It was probably faultywarrior.
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    Spending money like it's hot! Semi related: Since a little run in with a truck and his trailer last week added a new angle to my old bars. Also got fitted for the second time in 10 years, turns out I didn't have the best of positions on the bike.
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    You are about to have an influx of friend requests from a bunch of people you don't know :lol:
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    2010 pole dancing championships. IIRC i posted the 09 also. hahah
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    Nice! Does your "SEW" trans. switch illuminate aside from the little dot to let you know which button's pressed in? Mine do not and I'm thinking there's a burnt bulb but keep forgetting to pull my center console and look. :lol:
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    I hope I get out of Boston... fooooooooog. Ugh
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    Not cool. Really NOT cool.