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    I have one in the C70 (SC901) and another one I'm putting in the S70 (SC816), they work great and are completely straightforward to install. Neither one is mounted - I don't want something sticking out from the dash or console so I just leave the ipod (in case) behind the ash tray.
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    Poor picture but, Had mine for like 4 years. Removed the ash tray, dremeled a small grove for the cable to snake through, and used the 3M hard-type interlock velcrow to hold it on the dash. Very easy to use while driving. (as in, at stop lights, or without looking while you drive) Edit, no clue why my treble and bass were set like that so don't ask.
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    yes my mom has one in her v70, its awesome, works on the cd chgr setting, you maintain the ipod scrolling func not through the hu