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    Avant, yes No good pics of it yet, will be for next week. From the website
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    And the rest of what's attached to the badge too :blink:
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    yeah... it's probably going to be the end of me... but I'm gonna try my hardest. I'm gonna try to find some cheap tires to mount to help space everything out and allow the car to sit on its own once I get some adapters but I think this MIGHT work... you just made my pants tight...
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    haha Enercell... I work for radioshack so I see that all day. Picked up a set of these... time to figure this shit out... its gonna cost a lot of money and time but I hope I can make it work, if not I'll just sell the wheels for a profit. -John
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    Oh Ok, just making sure...
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    fixed the only bulb that was out on the raido and made me some new tweet's for the dash Sorry for the crappy cell pic's camera is out for repairs
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    I still dig stanced cars, the scene is just becoming oversaturated and boring IMO. However, I think there is a rise of people stancing out cars, and not doing much else, the opposite of what you've stated. A perfect example of boring is the C30 on CCW's at H20. It was slammed on nice wheels, big deal. There are a lot of stanced cars out w/ pushing big horse power, but they seem to be becoming much less common. It's also not all about stance and power though, it seems it used to be a lot of people were stancing cars and doing a lot of subtle mods to the exterior/interior of the cars well and that as well doesn't seem to be the norm. Thus why it's getting boring. higuysijustslammedmynewcaron3kdollarwheelswithairrideomg yawn Exactly. I really dig rusty though. Example:
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    Why it gotts tuh be a black thang? Dems had control of both houses of congress while Bush was pres. They all voted for the legislation he just signed it. They approved the war spending. NO president acts alone, get your civics straight. Only congress can enact a law. And Barney/Dodd screamed about fairness and lending, demonizing banks if they did not lend to hi risk borrowers. read the Community Reinvestment act, it came to fruition during Clinton admin. You have selectively shorty memory. But dont let the facts get in the way of your left wing rants... You keep forgetting that little tid bit you leftwingnut. I love black people, one of my best friends is black...
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    Yeah - after you emailed me with the info & refund, it made sense that I couldn't find it just moments later Still sorry I missed them, unless it was only a pair ( I had assumed set of four) :D
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    employed at Bed, Bath, and Beyond I start monday
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    your car is thinking that if it cuts the grass it will get a bigger turbo :lol:
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    The only thing nice about that bug are the rotiform wheels, otherwise it sucks balls. I also think it's funny that merc has F your fake wheels and F purists on his car. :monkey:
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    The whole stance thing is starting to get old, how about some true mods, not just slammed with camber ?
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    I agree. It's a whole lot of yawn.
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    I disagree 100% that car is all stupid and nothing else. Wheels worth more then the car Thats almost as bad as owning a car worth as much as your house And people who push out there E-Dicks due to spending stupid and retarded amounts of money for wheels that bend just as fast as set of $400 rims = also. Now this I can get behind :lol:
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    it works better to ,but to put expensive wheels on a shitty old car is just flat out dumb. Its just as bad as buying BBS wheels to say " hey I got BBS wheels ":arob:
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    Serioulsy WTF sorry it sucks Trying to even registar is a PIA check for wagon for sale on SS :lol: