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    Fix your signature you time traveling monkey.
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    where is my favorite person in the world? :wub:
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    A soldier walks into a bar and says, "Anyone want to hear a Marine joke?" A guy stands up and says, "Hey, see me? I'm a Marine. See that 6'2" 230 lb. guy? He's a Marine. See that guy, 6'4" 250, he's a Marine. Still want to tell that joke?" Soldier: "Not if I have to explain it three times."
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    I think I made a friend tonight.... Walking out of Giant pushing a grocery cart I notice a black 850 turbo with body matched trim sitting next to my car. The owner and I spoke for a while, doesn't belong to any boards or anything but has had a history with the Volvo name to include some older, hand me down models. We exchanged phone numbers and I made it clear I am a mechanic by hobby. I even showed him my uber rare modification that all the nancy babies here cry about. That's the second time in a few months that happened. A few months ago Mike and I were at the Olive Garden and when we came out there was an Olive S70 with Titans parked next to us out in the middle of the no where parking lot next to the restaurant. See Adam, I have friends so go swallow your lower lip. I'm kidding, you know I love you.
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    Yeah, spelling, grammar and all the other tools people use to organize the chaos of their own thoughts is sooooo 20th century. I bet if the Founding Fathers Pops loves to quote were alive today, they'd forget all about spelling and grammar and write the Constitution using Text-Tard abbreviations and emoticons. :lol:
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    parental controls..... <_<