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    and 9 months later a smaller lambo might come out. Always use protection
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    Hooray! turbo and wideband arrived courtesy of Spanky picked up a 7/16th drill for the cams. The inner sleave of the cam position sensor is just a hair smaller than 7/16th. Waiting on the 4mm bar for the tool and a 6m tap for the cam oil holes.
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    Yellow - washed it (finally!!), interior detail including vacuuming, leather cleaning/conditioner, vinyl cleaning, etc. Beater - replaced the POS firewall/heater core coupler that broke. Ended up having to remove the entire damn heater core to do the job. Royal PITA. Also vacuumed it. Oh, and added +5hp
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    my first submission to this thread.
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    they can stop you, but you can't be ticketed for equipment violations out-of-state if you meet the requirements of your own state.
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    1:1 Obama $8 Billion fast rail vs Simpson Monorail what a fucking joke this guy is
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    monkeyin beautiful Hussein Thats gonna be a big improvement over the original setup. Im gonna guess 370WHP dialed in.