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    ugliest color scheme possible remove farings, go to auto parts store, get paint, be done with captain america paint sceme..
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    even $1000 is stretching it..... its soooo beat
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    You are wrong... planking was never in and owling will never been in.
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    Thought planking was out and owling was in? Mark? why u lie to me?
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    my youngest playing at the biff burger.. became planking the biff burger... TFF..
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    5cyl Turbo XC-90 Intake...the only one.
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    Onsale at sears figured it was about time to get a cordless impact haha
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    Thanks for the tip. I've never used a camera before.... Anyway, as for the crank, damage isn't bad at all, so I'm going to have it rebalanced. No..
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    Really, I'm very active on VW forums and I see them do it all the time.. On another note, tunes are much cheaper for those cars than they are for any volvo. Also, how do you bottle your mind? One other note, peopel have discovered the limitations of the honda and vw engines long ago, the volvo scene is just now catching up. i should say FWD volvo scene, the RWD volvo scene got all their info in the womb! HIOOO!
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    It should, cause it's mind boggling not bottling! :P
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    depends on the damage. As for the missing piston.. duh. These are all before pics. Tore the block down this weekend, parts go to the machinest this week, still waiting on valve seals though. this is the number two rod journal on the crank, #2 rod was the bent one.. No visable damage.
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    nope. Just got back from the machine shop. Feel much better w/ these guys.. The shop foreman took one look at one of the pistons and saw it had a cracked ring land.. Also discussed tolerances and which pistons to go and we all decided that the OS1 is the best way to go.
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