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    Danny wouldn't be on anywhere bragging about it even if it was true. I could see Andrew doing that just to mess with the radio station, however I doubt his car is the fastest Volvo in the state. I also don't think the fastest Volvo is an S60R either. I would guess it would be a RWD car.
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    Congrats man. It pays the bills, gives you some spending money, and allows you to look around. Idk why but this made me laugh a lot.
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    Oops...my bad. I did forget about ya bro. You do raise a good point about being Switzerland though...lol
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    California...home to the most "sick" people in the country.
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    If your counting Wagons you forgot me.... Though I guess I'm neutral because I have a Wagon and a Sedan.
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    With me, Tommy, and Lucas...I count only 3 unless there is someone I'm missing. I'm working on adding number 2 to my fleet though.....shhhh
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    I think we have more coupes than we do wagons. :lol:
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    I had no idea you moved to the west coast. Congrats on the new job!
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    Congrats on the new job! Nice looking wagon, and great pics from the drive. My wife & I drove our Mustang GT convertible back from Las Vegas to NY last summer, and Kansas was the deadly boring state for us.
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    Nice new ride! Great pics along the way, looks like it would have been a great trip. Picked up your 215 card yet?
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    been a while since ive been out that way, very beautiful.
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    looks like a good trip! put on your new style center caps haha
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    See what I mean? We gotta deal with this now...
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    Cool photo diary dude...sucks ya had to split, but life is life bro. Really sucks losing a wagon in the MWC too....too many homo sedans out here in the mid-west...lol
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    Great to see the trip Tom! You should have stayed, then our wagons could have been friends Good luck to you out there! I'll be out there sometime, probably won't drive but flying is a definite possibility when I am done with this thing called school Still an MWC member by me no matter how much you hang out with the hippies :lol:
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    wagon looks nice tom! are you up towards escondido or still on the coast?? looks like you had a fun trip
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    About time we see some pics from the trip. Looks like fun, glad to see you're getting settled in. :tup:
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    It sucks that you had to leave so soon after getting T5. As Craig said we have a bad sedan to wagon ratio here with the MWC. But you gotta get paid... Hope California treats you well and you find some cool Volvo people to share your time with. And buy some damn wheels. Edit: oh and you don't have an input shaft bearing. Might be your throwout? Talk about that later...
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    And the klan will not be happy until the whole world is white. Every group has its radicals. I lost several friends that day, but I also made several friends from over there. The media is the only one who wins from any of this. I agree that a lot of people walking this world need to die, and I am/was more than happy to do it. That does not mean I am going to celebrate the actual act of taking a life though. When it becomes easy and revenge feels like justice, thats when we have become "them".
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    Because no one wanted his carcass. Could you imagine the security issues with an annual pilgrimage to his shrine? I kinda of disagree with you. These fanatics claim God as their motive. We claim peace and 'democracy'. By the way, what happened to you? Normally I would expect you would be bullish on this op, and disappointed they didn't turn the whole region into a pile of glass. I am being restrained and pensive myself. I have enough trouble reigning in emotions. I'm all about killing 'em all and letting Allah sort it out. My wife lost a good friend on the 102 floor, and one of my best friends was on a ferry heading to the WTC from Jersey City, he was late and missed the earlier boat. He lost many of his co workers, changed him forever. I was working in Westchester county, I could see plumes of smoke, and 5-6 guys on the job were rushing to get to their volunteer fire houses in the area. I heard scanner reports first hand. Chilling. How many soldiers are we going to sacrifice? They wont quit, and dont care about a time line. If it takes 1000 years, they will eventually own us. They are willing to die, give up their children and husbands for Allah. Are we that committed? All it takes is a community, like in Michigan or Virginia, to elect a town councilman, then a congress man or a senator, appoint a judge,then ...Sharia. Dismal.