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    jesus you really a cheap mother fuckin bastard. you only have one pair of eyes. is spending a few more $ on protective gear really going to hurt?
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    too many dudes talking about dildos on here...I think I am gonna be a man and go stick my wiener in my wife...that is all.
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    you know your friend is asian when...
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    Ahhhhhhhh.......Pastrami Vs Soy Sauce
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    This thread just reached 1337 status.
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    yea I hate washing my car in my bikini when people are around
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    Crito - Permabanned for wearing the largest tin foil hat ever.
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    Dude, you beat me to it.
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    My budget is less than half of that kevin. But thats still a deal if its in good condition.
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    Taylor there in the cl thread there is a 190e cossy for like $5500
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    I didn't buy it at Harbor Freight. I bought it at my local welding supply shop. And Yang, I'm not a retard. I didn't just walk in and say "Hi, give me your cheapest helmet!" I researched the different helmets out there and based on the specs and reviews went from there. You can get a perfectly safe autodarkening helmet for ~$75. Also, I like how you typed your post as if you were talking like Mr. Miagi. Are you related to him in any way?
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    Did it come with a welder? ... Seems kind of steep. Then again, I'm cheap. I bought a basic auto darkening helmet for like $60 or $75 and it has worked perfectly. My entire welding setup cost $225 off CL (plus the cost of the helmet, gloves, and gas).