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    A better pic of how she is sitting...
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    But it used to sit like this :-(
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    Haven't been driving the XC of late - the X1/9 has become my DD However, my revamped tune came today! Set for 625cc injectors and my 20g!!! Looking forward to checking it out! (still waiting for TT to release the ME4.4 I paid for back in July) However... I have to put my car back together first - I took the pan off so I can update to the newer style w/oilcooler... Newer pan & pickup -98 pan repainted revised water pipe for oil cooler feed pipe oil cooler Hopefully I'll have time after work tomorrow to put it back together...
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    Went out to find material to wrap a sub box. $1.35 later I walked out with a scrap piece of chocolate brown vinyl that I used to wrap my armrest. Might buy more and do a spare set of door panel inserts with the same material if I like the color.
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    This is how mine sits with Koni Yellow Adjustables on 40mm lowering springs. On Trittons: On Volans:
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    Because this video is soooo OT, I'm posting it here. You're welcome. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fN-xq7t6pKw&feature=youtu.be (may be slightly NSFW)
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    covered up my "Old man wood"..Turned out good. I used 3M 1080. One small spot the knife slipped of track and not noticeable except to me and thats all I look at. I will re-do it later. So glad the wood is gone. Never been a fan of shiny wood dashes. Wood looks good in a TR-6 or Spitfire..Flame away.
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    snagged a quick pic on the way home.
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    like all the old bags titties cause you live in Oldpeople Ville Retirement USA haha
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    I will go over this one more time for the slower members. 1. The for sale forum is actually a hair over 8% more traffic than it had the same month in 2010. So less traffic statement is not valid. There are less replies, but listings are up, as are visitors. Chit chat is not the goal in for sale so I am calling that win. 2. The classifieds are sort of a beta right now to see how they do. As posted earlier, they are not being used so I am taking them down probably. 3. The only reason for the current format is because members were not following the guidelines of for sale. IE title format, price in the title, listing item location. The current format assures that they do those things so the moderators are not wasting time running behind members wiping their asses. You do not even have to be a "supporting member" to disable ads. There is an ad-free option thats something stupid like 1-2 dollars per year. Supporting membership pays for things like the giveaways, bbq grills for carlisle, getting your guys discounts and so on. The ads, pay the 600 dollar a month server bill.
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    WHAT!?!?! Never even heard of this...