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    It's first time on the road since September. Waiting for a couple parts to arrive at some point today and then I can take it for a spin. So stoked.
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    18" Pegasus Rim from S60R. Also avaliable in 17". 18" rim weight: 28 pounds
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    en route to le bar last night, saw a photo opp
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    Love the stance on the C70 :tup:
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    C70 is looking pretty man!
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    These kids are going to be pros by the time they get to college.
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    Just wanted to quote a nasty looking trunk like everyone else did.
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    Thinking about cutting more of the bumper cover away May be overkill. Larger opening does not necessarily equate to better cooling. I do have an old XC cover that I can strip completely, cut out/mod the opening further, remove the headlamp wiper divots & run in flat black :arob:
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    Thats wallpaper quality right there, looks nice!
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    18" SSW Trex wheels with Porsche calipers
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    this is why this forum takes a few steps forward then 5 steps back. even people who have been on here forever still dont know how to search. i pity your response on what im now typing. i bet you put more time into researching how "rare" your car is than information that is actually useful useful same here, how many threads are there about what type of oil to use. i thought i was a newb
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