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    Who ever Saff was a rare color ?! Back on topic:
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    Luke - 120 Days - Creating alternate accounts after being put on 24 hour moderator preview.
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    Well by Popular Demand Here is the build thread on the shack build The Shack started as a Sewing/Art shack, then turned in to storage shed. What started me to build my own place was my grandparents moved in and we don't see eye to eye. So used 500 (650 with Ac) in my saving and built my own place Specs: 2006 Shack 96 Square Feet 12feet X 8 Feet 2 Windows Drywall, and insulated (R-13) Wiring Romex Yellow 12/2 Type MN-B Cable - Verizon Hard Wire Internet - Cat 6 AC - Kenmore ,5,200 BTU Model 70051 Dark Cherry wood stain Bed over desk Got a living, dinning, office, breakfast nook , bedroom all in one space For the bathroom i use the house (Adam) Future Projects Decking Out Front Solar Panels - Maybe Here are some pics - Link to facebook CLICk Model - By friend -------------------------- Start Wood Stain AC Install/ testing For Chillman - Room Light Drilling Wiring (not many wiring pics) and Insulation Drywall - Took The Longest Paint - Night Pics Bed and Desk - Not Many Pics Was Rushing To Finish After Paint And Garden More Pics to Come Always something need to get done
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    They see me sittin' They watchin' Patrollin' they tryin' to catch me sittin' flossin' Tryin' to catch me sittin' flossin' Tryin' to catch me sittin' flossin' Tryin' to catch me sittin' flossin' My music so soft I'm loungin' They hopin' that they gonna catch me sittin' flossin'
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    Made a drain line with a valve for my catch can so I don't have to take it out every time to empty it. A lot easier now. Polished engine a bit. Gotta get some drill bits to really get in there. Wish I would have done this when I did PCV, would have been easier and way cleaner. Also got my 854 badge. Flame if you want, but I like it.
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    Got sick of the Black Carpet, and went to black tile .66 a square feet i was down.
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    had a moment before it got dark out to snap some cell phone pics. springs are finally settled in Also added a 300watt factory amp to get a bit more out of my radio. Need to get rid of this wood interior stuff.
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    Put up some new shelves today, well got the brackets up more to come tomorrow. that switch and cover combo was $4.00, Dimmers switch cheapest i can find is was $15.00
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    Installed new track lighting in today
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    Put up a Shelf for the Tv and Cable box (Better Pic Later)
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    Small update Made Window Curtains for the shack inside
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    Crito - Permabanned for wearing the largest tin foil hat ever.
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    check out this desk / its something one of my suppliers make. which would be perfect for your shack. http://www.hafele.com/cn/en/products/21417.asp at the bottom of the page are pictures which explains the gist of it. Also check out http://www.tumbleweedhouses.com/ if you want to see small houses!