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    Old PCV system was packed full of crud. Replaced it with a new one. Engine is all ready to go in.. still need to do some things in the bay before it can happen.
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    1998 "R" parts !! Alcantara Sterring Wheel - 9191247 Radio trim, Black Walnut - 9481566 Tunnel trim, Black Walnut - 9192845 Glove compartment trim, Black Walnut - 9158561 Rear ashtray, black Walnut - 9165046
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    Plastidip! Metallic black/graphite.
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    catwire 10.0. got it overnighted from japan
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    Rebuilding. H-Beams, 19T ....bearings, seals, gaskets, etc...
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    Might be a repost... http://youtu.be/zkPV8c2mnhk
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    You sure do seem to have quite the infatuation with Kevin.
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    I don't see Lucky on that list.
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    haha, that was a long time ago... I have new pants since then. I just used to rock those when getting dirty working on the car since I had already blown out the knees in them. Maybe combine that one and this one I can get credit for one? half point for each?