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    GM likely to require a second bailout? http://www.forbes.com/sites/louiswoodhill/2012/08/15/general-motors-is-headed-for-bankruptcy-again/ And what Sean is talking about is that GMAC mortgage is the most troubled part of the GM bailout. While the Bush administration initially bailed out GMAC rather than structuring a proper bankruptcy as was done with GM and Chrysler, Obama doubled down a year later with further funding. And further compromised the situation by not maintaining sufficient oversight of the company. So now we face a situation where $12+ billion may go down the drain. http://mobile.reuters.com/article/idUSBRE84603T20120507?irpc=932 http://content.usatoday.com/communities/driveon/post/2012/05/auto-bailout-ex-gmac-puts-mortgage-unit-in-bankruptcy/1#.UEtP4rd5mc0
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    sheep. bahbah. money? Nobama has spent 750 million to get elected. Talk about money. his PACS are some of the most vile organizations in the business. Move On, The Tides foundation, and other George Soros fed socialist orgs? get a grip people. if you can't be smart at least be objective. Look at the real numbers of the GM bailout. Including GMAC financing. Your getting taken and all you care about is that religion is in the converstion? no one is forcing you to go worship anything. straw men, you haz 'em
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    Egypt has suffered from oppression at the hands of colonial and native dictators and most likely so have the other 9 you're talking about Erik. So it's not the religion at play here but instead factions leveraging religion as an influence to motivate action by the people through manipulation. I'd be interested to know what study you're citing and how they determined their ranking of religiosity at the national level.
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    Or pushes there faiths morals on the general public . What yout think is not the same as what I think is ok . Especilaly since this country was built and based uppon religious freedom Only in the 50s did we due stupid stuff like " in god we trust " on our money and such . Your relgion and polotics should not have anthing in common . If you disgree lets ellect some idiodic Amish and drive wagons every where . - fck the amish - sweet jebus wheres the spell check around here ? I cant read half the crap I type . 100% agreed !
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    While Justin is long famous for his off-the-cuff comments, I really do believe he meant that laws should not be created on the sole basis of " because the bible said so". But just to throw napalm on the fire, I support his original off the cuff statement. I'm aware of the history, and I'm saying maybe it's time to shift a little (more) away from it. Social moral demands can certainly (and will certainly) be shaped by biblical demands, but a religious book's statement's has zero place in the law books.
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    You don't need to have religion to have morals. In fact, I tend not to trust any politician who talks about their faith.
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    ^Im suprised at that speed, he stopped lol.
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    Dude ... do you see the crap they do ? I am not political at all but serious Romney is a freaking death threat to the US Economy . The guy runs all his companies like the mafia does . Also the simple fact of the bible should have no influnce on how you run a country either , that is to me the most scaryiest thing that a Kids story book runs the lifes of this idiots .
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    Willard? Like the movie...(before most of your times,1971) a RAT. Obama has generally been a waste but for someone in my position (age) I'm glad the health deal went through. Other than that, he hasn't done too much although he WAS right about the auto industry bailout! Romney is such an elitist, he hasn't a clue about the 99% and frankly, I don't trust him, plus he has 0 experience on. foreign policy. I don't care which one becomes president as long as the congress gets back close to 50/50 and the right wing nut jobs are voted out. Some of these people are truly bizzare and dangerous! I'm taking a wait and see right now, ask me this quesion in the middle of Oct.
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    I'll take some over the weekend this morning:
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    A required reading for all who thinking of voting for rommey. Republican brought us presidential candidate such as sarah palin and now straight up liars is frightening. In addition, the id law proposal will just have less voters turn out so they can brainwash and control the sheep.
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    The irony is strong with this one.