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    No DUIs or Acuras for meeee.
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    Looks like --Aaron--'s car. No DUIs!!!!
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    First of all, sorry for the phone pics. Found this beauty last week, @ 132k one owner, new front bumper, near mint condition, all new suspension, including new sub frame bushings, I gave into temptation lol Getting some food around 1ish am, freaking thing drove smooth, it even had a new dash put in . Annnd finally home around 0430, no mods for this one (well for now, lol) just parking it next to the other guys. Now, time to find a black 850r to complete the collection lol
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    Repaired and repainted the lip for the fourth time. Should be OK now.
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    UPDATE 02/16/2015: I no longer have access to a vinyl decal machine. I am limited to what i have in stock. I will no longer be making these once its gone, its gone. Get your Volvospeed decals here! No need to wait for the next group buy, you can get all the info here. Just read this first post, heck you dont even have to log in. Order it when ever you feel like it, when you are drunk, order it hungover, order it naked, order it when you are doing it, hell order it when you are sleeping....Just do it and put it on your car, your laptop, or where ever it can stick. Show the world you are a member of the best Volvo Site out there. Honestly, what site even comes close to Volvospeed.com? Click on the video below to see what you are getting done by me! Small Colors Still available in limited quantities Red Blackblack carbon fiber GoldSilver White faux carbon fiber white white reflective Yellow Dark Blue Light BlueGreen Orange Purple Large i have in a few colors, PM me before you order. Options Large 40" are commonly for windshieldsMedium 20"Small 9" Fits D pillars on sedansPricing Large $15Medium $10Small $4 Shipping Medium and Large will go in a USPS flat rate box $7 for Continental USA, Canada is $15, UK its $17. this can fit what ever i can stuff into it. Small and XCFORUMS will go in a Legal Letter size envelope $1 can fit 8 small decals in one envelope or 4 xcforums in one envelope Order Example: If you want 2 small and 1 large, it would be $15 + $4 + $4 + $7 shipping = $30If you want 4 small, your order will be $4 x 4pcs + $1 shipping = $17PAYMENT via Paypal: gshadow325 at verizon dot net dont forget to include your address just in case in the notes section AND USER/MEMBER NAME Please put your order in the notes. I will try and ship the flat rate boxes on the next earliest day i can get to the post office. Orders for smalls only, i can give it to my mailman the next available business day. pictures shamelessly stolen from danny's thread Bottom picture shows small and Medium stickers these are very limited run, when they are gone they gone. only small size $5 reflective white for the flag part and volvospeed.com in GOLD added reflective white...flash and no flash picture to show reflectiveness
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    Don't forget children and annoying neighbors dogs
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    Travis, I first painted the upper part, red and clear. Then masked the red and spraypainted the lip with some Motip bumper black. Without a clear coat. Makes it easier to do little resprays on the lip when i hit a tree, hipsters or old people.
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    Finally installed the dash I bought at the JY a couple weeks ago. The dash was almost perfect. None of the vinyl was peeling, and more importantly, all mounting tabs were fully intact, and there were no cracks on the trim piece that touches the windshield. Just a tiny scratches in the plastic dash trim behind the steering wheel, but they aren't really noticeable. Spent all weekend reinforcing all the mounting tabs with JBweld. Applied new felt material to the mounting tabs. Then I applied 2 layers of this sticky backed foam to the mounting spots on the firewall, and added a thing layer of felt on the bottom. Got everything buttoned up and I couldn't be happier. I think I have the quietest 850 on the east coast. There is not a squeak rattle, or anything over bumps. I'm so impressed by the result that I might do the same thing to my yellow. I did have to swap the wiring harness from my dash to the new dash. That was annoying. The new dash is from a 96 850, and didn't have a plug for the tracs switch. Mine is a 97 850 w/ tracs. I'm sure tracs still would have worked, but I like all of my switches. It's really amazing how a car feels totally different when it's silent over bumps versus squeaking and rattling over every divot in the road. It makes the car feel 10x nicer, and I actually enjoy driving it, despite the fact that it's n/a. Total cost was minimal. $30 for the dash. The rest of the materials were free since I already had everything lying around. Oh. Also, I learned that it is NOT POSSIBLE to swap the dash trim on an 850. The upper piece that holds the gauge cluster comes out. But it is not possible to remove the lower dash trim. I tried, and I realized that the lower dash trim is permanently connected to the inner-plastic skeleton of the dash assembly. They are not held together with screws or glue, but the plastic actually is bonded together.
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    That makes me cringe...unless your roof clear has already popped...
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    http://i.imgur.com/RNzkB.jpg <-------------- .. only becuase its a stupid poking huge picture.. im getting better lights soon.. just wnated something up there for now they're hooked up to a solar panel in the frontwindshield
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    Thule really needs to make a Christmas tree rack
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    Forward version of my last post in here, either way it's good.
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    heading back to CT this morning with my dad's new ride .................................