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    1998 T5M with 164K, old man just wanted to get rid of it. Lucky me
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    Sittin at work. Got my coilovers right where i want em. Could go lower but since its my daily and I have a STEEP driveway this is a good balance between low and practical.
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    Chronicles of my build......much detail around the work performed (lots of pics) Goals: Body & Paint Suspension Stage 0 Brakes As purchased 2 years ago. Black Interior / Factory 5 Spd / 112K on the clock First on the list, V70R bumper but I first want to get a color match on the paint. So, test spray the under-hood strut tower brace for a comp. Cleaned up to bare metal and in the booth ready to get hit with epoxy primer for the first coat Base Coat: Base coat applied Clear Coat gassing out in the sun We have a match Test spray out card confirms as well
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    Women driver... apparently wanted to get high on 4/20. in Hartford,CT
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    Back at home after a six month upgrade
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    Saw a green V70 with volvo hydra wheels pulled over by the fuzz in Bolton CT. on Tuesday morning. Picture is 93%irrelevant!
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    My guess is he posted the photo from the Craigslist ad and hasn't gotten around to photographing the car himself.
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    ^^ The Legendary 850 T5K
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    Cool chart of regional term differences http://www.businessinsider.com/22-maps-that-show-the-deepest-linguistic-conflicts-in-america-2013-6#the-pronunciation-of-caramel-starts-disregarding-vowels-once-you-go-west-of-the-ohio-river-1 So I get to this one, and for a brief second thought it was a joke because it was so ridiculous :
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    Relocate those horns
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    if romney had won, would you be sporting a ROMNEY/RYAN sticker proudly?
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    i wouldn't send my kids back into that massacre zone. and as far as that goes, i wouldn't live in tornado ally. I did that when i was a kid. Lived in Broken arrow OK. NO thanks.
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    I'm not going to go back and forth, and I apologize in advance if this offends anybody but..... that's retarded and a waste of money.
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    Not really 1 of 1. 1 of 5 maybe. I know I've seen 4 with the same combo including mine. Definitely 1 of 135 when it comes to coupes of all colors and years (98-02) in NA and 1 of 603 worldwide that had a manual transmission from the factory. Let's see some more pics of the car OP!
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    Haha well in that case, some Chinese arsh reps that I could hardly order over the phone because the guys that worked there could hardly even communicate with people that spoke English.
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    I have been putting this off for way too long.
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    will keep that in mind, but I looked into it and most places want about $100 to properly weld on the mounting tabs for rear disc brakes on aluminum
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    hmmm, wheel dealer? or seedy backyard filled with stolen wheels? http://forums.vwvortex.com/showthread.php?5177230-Volk-Racing-TE37-17x8.5-18x9.5-40-5*1143
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    I hope this is a repost...
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    Went a little crazy with the iPhone 5 today.
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    you just love assholes don't you
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    Swapped my mom cars for the day. Picked up a set of Neptunes in Alabama. The father and son both drove red on black 855R's.
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    YEEESSSSS.... Christmas in June!
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    I'm glad they decided to tear down the school finally. Hopefully it will bring a new beginning.
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    Spotted an 850 and 740 parked together at Barnes & Noble today... was going to park next to them... but then I saw this and changed my mind.
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    Tail of the dragon. That's awesome Right. I don't get people that still proudly sport that sticker. Might as change it to one that says, "I'm a retard".