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    Tall and Slow VS. Low and Go!
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    ^ I agree. Fall is trying to peek out, but it's still too hot down in Va.
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    Working my magic with a little wetsand, cut and buff.
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    Because: Time + Cost + I am not comfortable enough with a manual to be able to have fun with it Because: Auto was local, drop in, and $150 from an enthusiast owned R with half the mileage Because: Daily Because: NFG
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    you have spent a good amount of time with the details on that bike....so get rid of the bottle cage that doesn't match!
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    Kev I believe you need a proper R to sport that badge on the boot mate
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    But I like it! I actually also picked this particular one because it's from Portland Design Works. I tried to stick to as much USA, and specifically Portland as I could on this bike. The frameset was built at Chris King here in Portland, Chris King headset made in Portland, CK rear hub made in Portland, Paul front hub made in California, both wheels hand built by Portlanders, Retroshift shifter/levers which is also a Portland company. All the brake components are Paul made in the USA, the seatpost is Paul made in the USA. I will agree though that the cage is a bit out of proportion for this bike... I'll buy some King cages for it eventually.
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    I just updated to iOS 7 and reinstalled the mobile app. Now I'm missing all the navigation buttons that are normally at the bottom of the screen. Weird. I'm gonna try a uninstall and reinstall. Hopefully that fixes it. Ok. So the buttons are still "there" but they don't show up. I can poke the general area of the back and go back, but the icons are missing.
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    Should be just fine. Will be adding an auxiliary cooler later on.
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    I don't mind riding around cars, comes with the territory...
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    As of 6p last night: My continued thanks goes to Lucky for his guidance and for letting me borrow space in the ARD shop while I put The Little Red Wagon back together.
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    you're killin' me with those bumpers kid. Get some shit on there, they look hideous.