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    Looking good bro! Mine after the Chili's meet: Terrible pics but it's clean
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    Washed both cars over the weekend. Here's the yellow:
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    DSC_6374.jpg by KeysarPhoto, on Flickr
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    Not to mention our cars look killer with a bike rack on the rood, in my opinion:
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    Yellow is looking great Adam (although I think I might like the white 855R better...)
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    ugly, hideous, horrid, any of those will do
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    well any dealer then. so DW has them for $200? Thats a crazy good price for the dealer. But not nearly as pretty as this. Even if no one ever sees it
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    Keep an eye on Ebay, they pop up often. Easiest thing to swap. Otherwise, let me know if you need parts off my 04 center console, I'me getting ready to dispose of it. Cup holders are good, hinges are good, shift boot, etc.... Awesome car, glad you found it.
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    The trim gave it away too, and I think that was strictly 04.
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    1. Why should he overpay for a new roof from sole source? 2. Why should he be required to replace the roof, or even have a roof at all?