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    Bought a turquoise 94 850 Turbo for my girl to drive in the winter: Then I changed a few things:
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    I don't mind the effort, but the fact that I had axle-related vibration, and the boot split in such short time really pissed me off and took the fun out of "spirited" driving. No problems (knock on wood) with the EMPI axle in my wife's car, close to 2 years later. Back to what I did to my car today. Attacked the rear corner with my biggest hammer, and knocked it back out closer to where it should be. Looks so much better with the taillight, thanks Brian!
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    You know winter is coming when you see the flocks heading south.
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    Amen Sister. I never had issues with OEM axles, but just look up all the other axle stories and they just don't last. Raxle is marginally better but even that is debatable. On topic: new ABS sensor (wheel speed sensor, driver's front), went OEM, better fit, actually slightly different part than the shit Ebay one I bought 2 weeks ago. Found I was missing a bushing behind the axle bolt, that fixed all my clunking, grinding, popping..... I guess I'll go ahead and say it: Gabe was right, my noise was axle related.
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    But how wide are your tires? .5" is nothing lol and only works to my advantage on this car... You also know your x70 wheel wells are larger than mine... Not too many run 225 wide on an 850 successfully haha (I still have liners, and my fenders lol) and can turn... Haha They are bitch to clean obviously but I don't care... Clean em often and it's easier... Use armor all wheel protectant and it's even easier... Use ceramic hawk pads and it's even easier, don't daily drive it and well... It's easier haha
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