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    Car looks great Bieber, nice work on that trim. If any gets on your paint, use Windex to get it off BTW. Or a clay bar.
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    Just bought this 1998 V79 XC with 220,000 miles yesterday, found it for cheap right down the road, just needs a brake job and some sensors.
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    You should put a big Masengill banner on your hood... get it??? The box that a douche comes in.... Had to switch to full just so I could +1
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    While you two wet dream together, I'll take a classic Ferrari over the Aston.
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    If you had snow, your car would be dirty like this. Grrrrrrrr...
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    No snow, I wish we had some up here this year.
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    Bought it and watched it this weekend As awesome as I remember
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    looked better when it was Ben's car
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    From the album: Japanese style tuning

    Haltech PS 2000 , TD04HL-19T 11Blade turbine wheel , 60mm Intercooler , 70mm Aluminum radiator , 80mm(3.15")DP , 80mm(3.15") Full Exhaust System , Special Big throttle
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    That's Kevin in 2 years.