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    Just got my motor back from M&B Cylinder Heads, built and balanced B5244T5 with 81mm Wiseco pistons and 143mm RSI rods. Ceramic coated manifold and downpipe. Eric at RSI put it all together and he and Asher dropping back in tomorrow. It's been a long time waiting, with any luck I'll be breaking it in this weekend. Sorry for crappy pics. Man I miss driving my wagon.
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    Finally a pic of the car including more than the engine bay
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    Got the head, exhaust and turbo on today. Also installed some jewels.
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    That hitch need a set of hitch testes.
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    That Renault 4 is going to be insane. Saw a lot of them in Croatia when I went back in 2012.
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    It is, but now the picture is gone. On topic, the 4L3000, a heavily modified Renault 4L with a Clio V6 drivetrain.
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    better not bail out again this year Melvin! car looks incredible, I'm sure you can't stop looking at it
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    At first I was like WTF Gabe bought back the 850?
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    Hard to find pictures that aren't heavily modified when it comes to modded cars.
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    Big truck. That dog's got to be compensating for something.
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    Hey Guys, I really apologize. I did not get any emails for the any of the comments posted here. May be thats how it works, was not too sure.. Sorry too new to the forum. Yes our website is not the best at the moment and does not have e-commerce as well.. But I will be more than happy to answer any of your questions on the forum, email or by phone. We have the BBS RS Style wheels for volvo. Specs: 18x8.5 ET35 Silver / Polished Lip - 5x108 CB73.1 We also have the HRE P40 Style Wheels in 18x8 ET40 - 5x108 in Gloss Black And lastly sir with a comapny named JAM Rimz you can find the great deals on nice looking wheels for your car. Anyway... Once again I apologize for not being able to reply on the forum. Please let me know if there is anything I can help you members with. Email: jamrimz@hotmail.com All emails will be replied with in one hour. My cell phone no: +1(647)8021190 Sir those were available in 15 offset only for 5x120. Currently sold out though. What offset are you looking for? I can send you a few options available by email. jamrimz@hotmail.com
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    With a name like "jamrimz", what'd you guys expect?
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    Super clean saffron wagon, not sure it gets much better.
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    Mike isn't the only one with a double R garage now Some of you might have seen this on VS, but I found this beauty locally for 2500. Fixed it on the car lot with 5 coils plugs plus a fuel pressure sensor. Car lot owner purchased from a local dealer and didn't want to invest any time or money in the car so he conceded to selling it wholesale. Runs and drives like a raped ape. More pictures/details to come soon.