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    Speaking of TV's, 65" 4k all nice and clean like.
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    Just got this one shipped to me yesterday. A little dirty but I love it.
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    Flyfishing Mike and his two best friends from high school.
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    hope they've got a curtain for that door
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    Saffron R bumper S60 AWD Rear Shocks S60 AWD Rear Springs R Bumper Grills Bumper Plastic Mount cars are expensive ... Bunch of grey dash pieces will take more !
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    i think i fucked up the audio hrrrrrrmmmmmmmmmmmm ok tried to fix it
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    Lol, might as well throw in triple setup as he said 2 still take a long time for him to warm up.
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    R manifold because the flow is superior to the Japanifold. http://www.vpcuk.org/forums/showthread.php?52242-ME7-exhaust-manifold/page2
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    City mouse for the 4th Country mouse yesterday
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    Pulled the Heico's off to run steelies with caps/rings for a while. Swapped back to Heico's today after a miserable day at work. Much better!
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    It's "what do you think they look like" not "what do you wish they looked like"