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    Hola Kevin Jerry Garcia is probably rolling in his grave right now. You think you are a real hippy hanging out in the Black Rock Desert with Katie Couric? I have been busy in the real world. Definatly miss the LOL's of VS . This forum is like a semi-gay gang from the likes of "The West Side Story", that just keeps drawing you back like a Longbech850 rap video.
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    At the park w/ the new roof rack and the bike.
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    Your momma smells like fish sticks and gerbal farts
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    Relevant due to the off topic thread
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    I think his point is that you'd expect the integrated turn signal to warrant a higher price than the non signal 04-06 models, which it does not.
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    Camping this past weekend down in Plymouth. The camper is now relegated to the garage so both wagons are displayed for all the neighborhood.
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    Back on the road and purring like a kitten.
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    GREAT NEWS now I see what you're saying
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    dammit pittsburgh, the butthole of PA