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    These are the best photos I have at the moment. H&R springs. Bilstein B6 rear shocks and Ohlins front struts.
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    lower rad hose or the lower rad outlet
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    So many of the posts on SS want to make me throwup.
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    Very true, that's a good choice. I'm curious what you'll end up with, I'll be keeping an eye on this thread. I really love how the car is coming together, good on you for continuing to push forward
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    Just go by Jeremey's (exepat) house and look under his deck.
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    Even I use Matty for those, screw paying $1000 for an ABS module.
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    sure those weren't bullet holes?
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    I'm seeing 20psi on mine now and when I had it set a bit higher you could definitely feel it dropping off compared to where it is now. Are you looking to go bigger with the turbo altogether or would you want to build a hybrid with what you have now? I'm not looking for much more power than I have now, but B_Mac has me pretty convinced to go to a GT28R for a reliable and linear 320awhp.
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