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    I'm sticking with the hydro lifters and will set the rpm limit to 8k. Started pulling my car apart last weekend.. S60r manifold and turbo off.. Swapped the 5 bolt T3 .63 housing to the vband T3 .82 housing and test fit the turbo and manifold on a spare motor. Compressor housing hits the water pipe when it's clocked how I want it. Looks like I can get away with putting a small dent in the pipe. The two water ports on the pipe will have to be relocated if I want to fit the 4" intake pipe. I'm going to drag a spare m56 up from the basement and see how it works with the trans mount. I should have just pulled my motor/trans for this shitt, it would be a lot easier to do the timing belt, water pump etc.. Pulled the cam cover off to replac the valve stem seals and install the autotech valve springs and different retainers. Done Now i'm trying to wrap my head around setting up the cat cams. H, i might be sending you a PM. NA intake cam and catcam intake cam with the slots lined up looks to put the lobes in the same general location. (no measurements yet) of course, the bolt holes for the cam gears is way off so i'll have to measure and make my own marks. That's where i'm at.. lots left to do!
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    Finally bit the bullet and got a new iMac Retina 5K, with 4GHz processor and 4GB video card, 3TB fusion. Only 8GB ram, but I'm going to max it out to 32GB after I get it and save $300 for 2sec of work. I picked this to get something ASAP as my old MacBook pro is taking a sh*t, and my G5 tower that is too old to upgrade. So since this was new and a pretty smokin' machine with 5K screen I figured I'd be happy with it regardless... Only thing I'm not 100% is the wireless mouse and keyboards, but figured I'd get them and change to a wired keyboard with the numerical pad on the side if I really want one. I have a slick old AVID Mac keyboard that I'm thinking would look nice. Now I just need to figure out what accessories to buy next!
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    ME7 car running a MBC in parallel to prevent boost spikes
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    I need to post some other updates to the wiki, but it looks like its public modifiable immediately, so i posted your mirror.
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    I took the liberty to wget -R everything on that website some months ago, so here it is, hopefully I got everything there was there... http://www.piese-volvo.ro/droid/volvo/ Hope it helps PS: I don't know what happened to Mercuric, but if his site is also down, I don't think it's good news
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    Roaming the internet.... Anyone see this shit before? http://www.ecm-tech.co.uk/product-category/self-tuning-packs/
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    Yep, the one on the torque tube arm. We've had the bushing sitting on the shelf for at least a year and a half.
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    Not me, but my brother finally installed the torque tube bushing. Completely eliminated the drivetrain clunk the black R had, also reduced vibration in general. PN 9143894 for those who are wondering.
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    Put a space heater in my car for a couple hours to warm up the plastic so I could finish taking everything out. Door panels, Pillars, rear shelf, center console, Shift console, headliner.. I stripped all the fabric off the headliner and rear shelf (and the pillars) and started repairing all the misc broken stuff and cleaning all the plastic All that's left is the knee bolsters and the lower dash/shift console frame. and then the main carpet. Carpet came today, rear carpet piece will be here monday. suede headliner fabric and a bunch of other shit will be here next thurs. I hate interior work, can't wait until it's done been cleaning and treating the seats too
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    If you fall and no one sees you fall, did you still fall ?
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    Gearing up for some more upgrades! After bugging Trent for months to sell me his manifold, I was finally successful. Also bought his cat cams, wastegate and downpipe etc.. Then I was advised to upgrade my valve springs, so I bought these from Swedish mike at Autotech. These require different retainers since Volvo changed the spring design in 99 and the upgraded springs are the newer shape (right). The early RN heads still use the 7mm valves so these are the retainers you need. This got me wondering why I can't use the solid lifters too, but i'm still trying to wrap my head around that. Based on this thread.. and this post specifically, http://forums.turbobricks.com/showpost.php?p=804652&postcount=33 it appears that some of the 6 cyl motors got the solid lifters, updated spring design but retained the cams with 32mm base circle. It wouldn't be suprising if this happened on some of the 5 cyls also. I didn't get the cams that came with the junk head I pulled the retainers from, so i'm going to try get my hands on those. If they do indeed have the same base circle, it might be worth looking more into. Otherwise I just go with my hydros and keep the rpms at 8k Solid lifter on the bottom. I ordered all new timing belt, water pump, tensioners, cam seals, valve stem seals, etc etc.. a few days ago, so just waiting for all that to arrive and then I get to pull my car back apart. Stay tuned.. Also cut up and old cam cover to use for setting the cams up.. still trying to figure that one out too, measuring lift with hydro lifters..
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    That exhaust looks retarded. :arob:
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    Hello all!!! I’m sure you’ve seen some difference’s here in the last day or two. Not only has the software been updated, but I’m also the new owner of V70R.com and S60R.com With some great patients from Rob, I was able to pry his baby from his hands. I really love what Rob has created and I wanted to try and progress its exposure in our little Volvo World. Some of you know I’m also a Global Mod on Volvospeed. I believe, I have a very even disposition and do not play favorites. I’ve owned a 04 V70R and currently a 98 V70R among other cars. I am open to any idea’s you guys/gals have so either PM me or speak up. I do plan on changing the set up for the FOR SALE area. This is always difficult and nobody likes change, but I hope the new set up will help avoid any BOGUS sellers and flakes. Next I’m working on a CHAT AREA. I think this can be fun and even may help get immediate answers to problems. Who knows, maybe make a new friend as far away as down under (Trent) HaHa. I do not plan on changing anybody’s Benefactors status either. I hope nobody is too upset and I’d like for everybody to Thank Rob for his hard work here. Rob will still be a Mod and I’m sure will continue to share his knowledge. Thanks. Mike R