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    She's jacked up, I need to drop is soon
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    Been working on the battery relocation. Based on battery size, the only place I can put it without interfering with the cargo access panels & carrying large sheets of plywood, etc., is the left rear. I bought the hydraulic crimp tool for the larger connectors. The hold-down rods pass through a tie plate under the access panel, that is bolted to the base of the rear well. Access panel is also bolted to the inner rail, through the battery box. Makes it a bit of a PITA to remove, but this way I know it's' about as safe as can be. The vent tube is located in the corner of the box, and passes down & out through the fender vent panel. Battery ground & fuse block Cable runs alongside conduit under rear seat back from cargo area, then into conduit. I was able to fit the cable through the firewall pass through into the bay, even with all the existing add ons I have in place. Used another fuse block as a junction - other side (rear) is the existing feed to the starter. Battery ground is now secured to the frame rail, along with a ground to the transmission case.
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    Ditching the Ring for Rally-cross I see.
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    .Thanks, Matt! And at the risk of "photo 'ho," I kinda dig this shot from last week. You can't tell how dirty it is.
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    There's no arguing that one.
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    I'm gonna carry a finger with a ring on it in my pocket
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    Washed it, clay'd it, washed it, waxed it...
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    A part of me still wants a first gen SHO.
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    The Yamaha V6 in the original SHO was a badass engine. Too bad it was covered in ford taurus parts
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    New Alaskan Mill and Larger saw. I have been slabbing the smaller redwoods and pines, but needed to get the bigger pieces too. Going to start milling them and finishing the slabs for tables and bar tops. I am also going to make some Adirondack chairs. Hopefully will be able to start a little side business out of it and make a few extra $. Husqvarna 395xp
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