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    T-5R playing cards. Found these at an estate sale. Never seen them before. The cards themselves are mint, but the box is a bit shelf worn. Has the backside of a yellow on the other side of the box.
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    I did some code investigation on warmup maps today, and thought I might give a little breakdown to the flow of the warmup map enrichment. There are two temperature setpoints TMFWLU (0xC921) and TMFWLO (0xC922) which dicate which of the 3 warm-up factor maps to use for that drive cycle. If the coolant temperature at startup is under TMFWLU (stock setting is -10C) then the length 16 map at 0xD914 is used, if the startup coolant temp is between TMFWLU and TMFWLO (16C) then the length 16 map at 0xD934 is used, if the coolant temp is above both TMFWLU and TMFWLO then the map at 0xD924 is used. The warm-up factor maps are multiplied with the two 8x8 maps at 0xDE04 (idle) or 0xDDC4 (load). Which of the two maps is used is detemined by RAM_20.1, which indicates 'recognized idling'. I haven't worked through the entire routine yet, but I believe this combined factor is then used as a multiplier against the injector constant. When upgrading to much larger injectors, the stock enrichment maps give way too much enrichment. I recommend setting both TMFWLU and TMFWLO to their lowest setting, so that the only the warmup factor map at 0xD924 is used. Then multiply this entire map by .2 and use the idle and load warmup maps to achieve a slightly richer than stoich warmup AFR at idle and load.
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    Timo/Jon or Jon/Timo Either way... talk about a dramatic pair... sheesh!
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    Finally got a parts car for my yellow
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    Pretty epic photos and video of the new Volvo S60 Polestar TC1 WTCC race car: http://www.autoblog.com/2015/10/14/volvos-s60-wtcc-video/#slide-3661499
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    Why did I have to PM the guy I don't know him just discovered that this guy posted my results up with my registration number After I paid a trader to do work and map my car and I find out he is advising said trader how to map? And after getting to use the car all properly on track all they have done is made it slower. Also people need to know that 750cc injectors with the BMW MAF housing and a 19T is not a good combination I mean how low is the duty cycle? Duty cycle needs to be around 80-85% and this should be discussed openly on this thread so other tuning experts can chip in and say what they think is wrong?
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