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    Silver party outside the shop earlier. Left to right is Eric's (leco510) M66 98 R, my heap, Chris's 98 AWD, and Matt's (babyclaude) C30
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    4 New Continental DWS on the wife's GLI and alignment - the OEM Dunlop SP Sports were TERRIBLE Fixed the power steering leak on the T5M!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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    It's alive!! I got everything engine wise put back together over the weekend, filled the fluids and fired it up. Started right up, no strange noises, leaks, or suprises, and no check engine light. I let the engine heat cycle a few times and got the fluid levels stabilized. The only thing that I will need to keep an eye on is the turbo oil seals. There is no smoke on start up or when revving, but if you let it idle for a few minutes then give it a rev it will puff just a little blue smoke then clear up. Doesn't appear to be too bad, but I'll start saving for a turbo rebuild just in case. Here's a video of it running: Now I just need to finish up the exhaust, out the interior back together, and get tires and alignment. Getting closer to being on the road!
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    Updating the inside trim
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    Sorry to hear about your motor but I can't believe I just watched an 850 go 208 mph...
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    Get back on that bike Tommy!
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    Look at the elevation there flat lander
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    Gave a little attention to the yellow. Timing belt, Serp belt, spring seat, claybar/polish/wax. Cell pic sux
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    Seems like you've been dealt a lot of shitty cards with that car. I know how it feels lol. I did the same thing with the cables too! They are harder to mess around with than you would think. Anyway, nice work man. I wish I got things done as quick as you
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    Untitled by Bernie Clinton, on Flickr
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    Something for the winter
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