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    And the same goes for them, if people read their manuals and learned how thing worked they would be more of genius tech support. Plus apple geniuses are way more technical than just breaking things down so the layman can understand. Nobody is bagging on the little guy (this time at least) Just pointing out to him that if people read their owners manuals, he wouldn't have a job because that is what he is there for. But seriously in this day and age who actually buys a car and sits down to read the owners manual?
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    Doesn't seem like he likes them either at the rate he accumulates Volvos
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    Every BMW owner is already a genius...
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    As I have mention previously, the one word resonance with believing in religion is *faith*. Just take Jesus words and the bible as the whole truth and nothing but the truth. you seem to be lacking in this important criteria there Erik
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    That thing looks fantastic, Pat.
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    We call the 608 bin a manual bin and a 607 bin an automatic bin. Essentially there's no such thing as a separate manual bin or automatic bin. Both the 607 and 608 bin have all routines necessary for a manual as well as for an automatic. Whether the bin will behave as an automatic or as a manual bin depends on the setting of one single bit (flag). In the 608 bin it's the first bit of the byte at address C8ED (C8ED.0) and in the 607 bin it's the first bit of the byte at address C8FC (C8FC.0) bit not set = automatic; bit set = manual. C8ED (608 bin) and C8FC (607 bin) aren't used for anything else, so you can just change it's value with a scalar in the XDF into 0 for automatic and 1 for manual.
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    friend snapped a sick pic of my car in the pit lane at shannonvile at a pay per lap day. Unfortunately the bbq has taken a back seat to the e46. The bbq is a dog around a track, and drag racing gets boring. E46 is just hella fun and slow as sh!t. Did someone say upskirt mod?
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    Facebook group "Online Swap Meet".
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    You need to hang a safety flag from that ting before someone calls OSHA
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    You got sooo much water that even your ETM got wet!!! Not sure yet about next yr.....
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    Re-worked my Cielo a bit:
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    Hopefully less wet next year... I'm still moist.
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    OK so, Had the rear seal replaced on the angle gear as well as the fluid changed out. No longer leaks on the hot exhaust making the terrible terrible stench. Started in on wrapping the exhaust and got a td04 turbo blanket. I still need to finish the bottom portion but it's looking like a winter activity. The cabin is noticeably cooler now and I've hopefully extended the service life of the front shocks and reservoirs. Rear Kaplhenke (http://www.kaplhenke.com/) springs and perches are in place finally. Needed to get a shop for assistance as I didn't want to removed the lower arm supports on the ground. The items themselves are really nice and feel well made. Many minutes of brake bleeding afterwards (shop exploded the rear Brembo's cross over tube) everything was back together and no longer bottoming out. A slightly scary moment was putting the shock on the drivers side back in. The work being done bottomed out the shock so much so it didn't rebound and was 'crushed' to the minimum height, after removing the bottom bolts and pulling it open by hand it seems to be working normally. Started off with what I thought was pretty high up, moved from 9 to 12.5 'valleys' on the 325lb springs. 9 here 12.5 here Car handles better then before (as one would hope without the floppy rear end) I have the Öhlins set to 4 of 8 in the front and back, the corner response and ride quality is excellent. Hoping to incorporate the delrin sub frame bushings in the next set of upgrades. Mechanic after affirming he bled the brakes properly (the second go around) said it drove really smooth and made no noises which was surprising. Again with a brand new suspension all around I'd hope for as much. Glamour shots while the weather holds up
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    Nothing else but more gratuitous photos.
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    Plus it's Factory & the Ohlins Valves look cool mounted on the strut brace