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    Prepping all week for SCD
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    How many different threads are you going to post that in? Shit.
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    Got these made for the R. Will get pics of them actually on the seats when I have time to install.
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    Went to the Dyno today to get a baseline HP and TQ rating to track progress. Found a Boost leak that cost me 20HP and 30FTLB of Torque, I new it was there but just finally got around to heading to the dyno.
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    Yesterday: made an O2 sensor spacer out of two spark plug non-foulers and so far so good! Fingers crossed that stays that way. Today: Sachs front struts, Sachs spring seats, new strut bearings, Lemforder control arms and endlinks for the yellow. While I did that, my dad helped me install Meyle HD control arms and the struts from my yellow into my S70 (the S's struts were the ones that were shot). They both ride SO MUCH better now. My jaw dropped when I took my yellow out for a spin... it's been so long since I've felt the handling that tight. lol Also an update with the IPD HD TCV. I'm actually quite liking it! Seems to control boost well and hold smoothly. No erratic spikes or overboosting. I made sure to follow the suggested learning processes closely too.
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    First oil change after 4500km. No particles on oil or filter and everything working great. Have been tuning fuel map on everywhere to get good performance on everyday driving. Now it drives like from Volvo factory with 700hp. Also swapped new front tires because somehow old ones where lost after two summer driving...
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    When I look at that red R all I see is
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    Random man stopped me in the wagon yesterday to tell me it looked great. Said it was the best "sleeper bike hauler" he'd seen. Thanks random dude!
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    Haven't driven it in about a week, I need to do an oil change soon, but I am excited to take it to work again tomorrow. It hasn't been long but I miss it already
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    Nice.. didn't know you lived in a castle.