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    Wow, this is a long thread.
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    hero dirt in norcal with the recent rains
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    Quick update: Project is taking way longer than anticipated or desired BUT! I finally have all my main bearings. Head is back from the machine shop and everything should be going together in the next few months. Been over a year since I last drove it and I really miss it. Shooting for next spring for final assembly, tune, and full vinyl wrap. I will throw together a little build list for those who haven'y kept track and care to know. Block: '02 2.3 (Bored and Honed) Rods: CXRacing H-Beams 21mm Wrist pin (Checked for round and weight) Pistons: Custom Weiscos (Wish me luck) Bearings: OEM Rod and Mains Head: N Head (Full port and polish w/ Autotech valve springs and retainers) Oil Pan: RN Transmission: M56 w/ Quaife Turbo/Manifold: Ported R manifold paired with a TD05-20G with ported hotside (yeah yeah it is what it is. If im not happy with it I will be going to a Precision 5858BB) That's the important stuff. Obviously doing all fresh oil pump, timing, seals, etc. Engine will be run on E85. Looking for the 400-425whp number on this setup. Not tons but a fun reliable daily. Ill see if I can round up some pictures of the head (its really pretty) and other fun stuff. I will be documenting the build so I'm sure pictures of that will pop up here as well. Think that about covers it. Questions about anything or tips for a first time white block assembler are welcome.
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    Car is still running. Has a stuck lifter or something and is making lots of top end noise. Don't care. It runs, drives, and boosts great. A month or less till she goes under the knife once more... Currently putting together parts lists for the build. Should be a fun project.. Edit: If i'm at all honest I seriously considered parting the car out. Im sick of little stuff being broken. Or major stuff. Im sick of pouring money into it... BUT. When it comes down to it. I still love this car and would hurt myself in 8 months to year if i parted it. I cant think of what else i would drive accept an Audi B5 S4.. So with the current project I remain.