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    I managed to download the x64 versions before the link went down https://www.dropbox.com/s/rbrdivnuh5lxtwh/MIL Flash - 608 - x64.exe?dl=0
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    Yeah, decided to let the cat outta the bag
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    There has been a lot that's happened since I've last posted in this so here we go. The big update is the car is running and driving as of right now, but it's been a process. I got the head from my junk motor back from the machine shop and started putting everything back together. Eventually got everything hooked and ready to go. I go to start the car and come to find out that head was also junk. So I went out and picked up another head from the junkyard, and hoped that it was good. Found a set of 17in spare tires while I was there. I moved to Maryland so I brought the car down on a uhaul trailer with all my crap and had to finish the car down here. Luckily I was able to use my work and work on the car inside. Brought the head I found to a local machine in Maryland and had them check it out. Got the head back and got everything back together and she ran beautifully. I had a few problems at first with the coolant system (still kinda do) and then the battery kept dying and leaving my stranded. The battery ended up being some loose grounds and power wires. I may of rushed it a little bit when I put everything back together. Here's a few photos from H2o. This December I hit a deer doing 30mph heading to the airport for my brothers wedding. Insurance totaled the car so I bought it back and started to fixed her up. Ended up buying some jewel headlights for cheap, a xc grille, and a new hood. Also bought of coilovers from ebay. Yes I bought the cheap brand but they've been pretty good so far. Also picked up a side project. It's a 81 Datsun 720 pickup. Runs and drives just a little rough around the edges. Plans are still up in the air. This past weekend I drove home for a quick visit to Mass and ended up cracking my oil pan driving through New York. I didn't know I cracked it until the next morning when the car died on the highway. It was only a intercooler pipe that popped off. A neighbor of mine let me borrow a jack and I swapped it out the oil pan with one from the junkyard.