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  2. ^that is a really weird looking C70.
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  3. I painted the nismo wheels a dark steel color and threw them on. 19x9.5 fronts with 245/40s and 19x10.5 rear with 275/35s. I love how they turned out. Breaking out my inner douche for Eric. ;-)
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  4. Utah is huge for MTB, look into guided trips. MOAB is one of the biggest most popular areas but beware its shared with moto/jeeps e/t/c
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  5. Had to get the other side. Maybe I'll start driving it now.
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  6. Thanks everyone for the kind words. Mostly just waiting on the machine shop at this point. I think they started this week, so hopefully they can get it done. They've been quite busy. So while im waiting for that i've been working on my MS3 PRO PNP boards. Here are some pics! Tested pretty much everything so its time to order my ms3 pro bare board module. Still have to solder on a few more things such as the CANBUS controller. Here is another board im working on. This taps into the radio speed wire on ME7 P80 M66 swapped cars so that the reverse lockout works on the shifter. ~Matt
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