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  1. I'll just add photos from Trevor here. Car will be for sale shortly. I already removed some of the rare parts off of it, but it's still a nice, well sorted wagon that needs nothing. Pics
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  2. Please, let us know when Trump decides to be president.
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  3. Ooohh I see my thread has been unlocked so I guess it's time for a MAJOR update. We're gonna skip to the highlights since it's been so long. Got a set of proper T-5R mats: and a T-5R owner's manual pouch: And Titans Discovered it is an ex-press car, which explains the mysterious 3 years and 86k miles during which there were no entries on the vehicle history report: On the cover of Motor Trend Oh yeah of course they Vmaxed it And then they did it again a couple months later. Removed Bilstein HDs and replaced with sachs up front and Nivos in the back with OEM yellow marked springs all around. Super happy with the way this rides given that my local roads are absolute shiit. Installed some stickers to make it look slow......because what could possibly be slower than socialism, old sailboats, and safety? I've gotten passed on double yellows with this setup lol so these have to be worth like -200 bhp. Fixed my odometer (after the first owner already did that once) and spun it up to the correct mileage (as of August 2016 lol): Installed a center speaker (no I didn't hack up the original dash pad, I still have it safely stored away along with an SC-811 I got for this car). ........and a 4x50w amp Added a cargo cover: Wrapped the Titans in Pirelli PZero All Season Plus and threw in some e-codes and then took it on a 2k mile trip. Oh yeah, I got a 6kw generator we inherited in the back along with all our luggage that I drove 1k miles home with. Getting some good use out of those Nivos! Went to buy a cargo mat and ended up coming home with a second set of Titans....... Had a collision with a deer November 2016 And then this happened on the drive home afterwards......had to drive it almost 200 miles this way...................................... The offending plug: Did some stuff on the laser cutters at my co-op job Put it on my Perfos for the winter And started accumulating parts Installed pre-recall intercooler piping And then put it on Antlias since I needed to go get it inspected in January and the tires on the Perfos were junk Went shopping in the Work70 Then turned that into this 4 months later finally got around to installing the silver badge stickers I made Still need to get my new Motorsport badge on though Got new panels Redid the front end because something didn't feel right last time I drove it 302s Attempt #1 at matching the paint #fail PCV Attempt #2 at matching paint #success (at least it's good enough for now until I have lots of $$$$$$ to throw at this problem) Discovered that I don't have a 628 ECU. Got a box from Skandix With lots of new toys (some of this is for a semi-secret project for my R so don't mind that stuff) Gave up on that white hood because the whole middle of it was caved in and I didn't catch that in the JY. Got this blue one which is much better. Time for an alignment. Staggered wheels yo Then broke out the fans and my great grandmother's vacuum cleaner. And this way cool spray gun Then overdressed myself in protective gear because someone who should have known what they were talking about told me that I probably wouldn't be able to see for the clouds of overspray......would do this without the bag over my head next time. Installing the new panels Leaving for Carlisle an hour after I finished sanding and polishing the new panels (they're still not done...lol. ran out of time to take out all the orange peel....). Making use of the roof racks for the family business to deliver sail track to a customer.......who is also a Volvo enthusiast. Camped out at a SS member's house in PA on the way to Carlisle. This is my T-5R's best impersonation of all its twins who live out in the PacNW. Hanging out with its ex-garage mate at Carlisle And also with Bobby's T-5R The convoy to breakfast. And pit stop with Will for ethanol free gas before the drive home Bought some broken rear window shades and made these really slick brass clips that will never break........gotta have those rare Volvo accessories for mom, too. Added a switch box between my Grom and CD changer. Kinda messy but proof of concept was successful. Still need to make this a MUCH cleaner install. Took a cool picture of it Blew some oil out of the intercooler piping on the drive home from Carlisle. Yikes my turbo needs help. Oil pan reseal time and GOODBYE poly trans torque mount Ditched these things and threw in some Delrin bushings. Wow what a difference! Not sure what you're waiting for if you are not running Delrin bushings yet.......they will change your life. It's like a whole new car. Took it to Mystic Seaport to set up for the WoodenBoat Show. Family Business perks FTW. Can you find it among the masses of 19th century artifacts? Took it on another 2000 mile trip. Depo E-Codes doing well on the rural roads of the Eastern Shore. Then the wheel bearing started failing........about 1/6 of the way into the trip. Met its new playmate when we got to NC 284k on the way home. Wheel bearing slated for this weekend. Ok that pretty much covers the big stories from the last 16 months!
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  4. Given that it's from AliExpress I'll have enough time to read up before it even gets here
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