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    That last photo is like disaster porn.
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    Thanks! Finally done with the dis-assembly of the suspension! Didn't have a ton of time over the weekend, but got both rear knuckles stripped down. Got the remnants of the abs sensors removed, wheel bearings pressed out (both were bad), the joint at the top for the upper arm, removed the dust shields without breaking them (thank god). Hoping that there is enough metal there to save them, looks like only superficial surface rust. Anyways.. Going to contact a local powder coater this week and see about having some of these parts done. Bare knuckle: And here is every part that I had to press, push, hammer, burn, cut, chisel, etc.. out of the rear suspension. Glad to be done with that part of the project...
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    Yeah, those numbers are at the wheels. For comparison, stock tune put down 254hp and 289ft-lbs tq at the wheels. Came across an old pic of my last Volvo
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    Yes, yes, yes, and yes Have had it for a almost 3 years now. Nothing crazy done to it, still stock turbo and fuel system. Last time on the dyno it put down around 330hp and 370ft-lbs tq. 2015 Mustang Ecoboost 2.3L Premium, Performance Package, Recaro Dyno tune by More Power Tuning Levels Performance intercooler UPR dual-valve catchcan JLT intake Turbosmart BOV Corsa 3" turbo-back exhaust BC Racing coilovers Driveshaft Shop half-shafts
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    There are actually 2 senors on the car, one for the dash and one for the ECU, the one for the dash is located in the spoiler grille to the left in the front, the ECU one is located to the right in the air guard between the spoiler and the radiator on a x70, don't know if the 850 even had this sensor (fast check in wire diagrams seems to confirm this) Its the same type of sensor as the dash ambient sensor, so get a hold on one of those and connect pin 1 to ECU A35 and pin 2 to A18 (or brown/black wire at the coolant temp sensor) Hope this helps