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    Welp,. I haven't posted in for freaking ever. below are my current projects, mostly investing in the 122 right now. The R got converted to M56-Quaife so its a good replacement for my old C70. (I don't miss the ME7 stuff though)
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    Gabe, I remember, and I think it was you, black with yellow time attack wheels at one point?!?! was that #1 on that list? Took the R to Mexico (No inspection/emissions or registration currently lol) Monday night to get the car rolling again... it is insured though...
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    The rear seat back catch was not covered in plastic when new. To be absolutely clear I am talking about the metal part attached to the body of the car. There will be a rubber 'cover' slipped onto the catch that sits between the base of the catch and the plastic cover panel, presumably to prevent direct contact (e.g. noise) and also act as a spacer. The rear seat back latch isn't covered in plastic either BUT there is a small rubber / rubbery type ...thing in the latch that is used as an endstop. Presumably it also prevents rattles because it prohibits front to back movement when the latch is engaged. To be absolutely clear I am talking about the latching part attached to the seat back itself. Over time and through environmental conditions this thing gets compressed, becomes crumbly and fails. When new the colour is a dark orange. Part itself is only available together with a new latch so use a suitable replacement. Another reason for rattles can be a failed centre pivot bushing. Both sides of the rear seat share a common pivot point. The 2/3 or passenger side (if LHD) rear seat back has a metal spike going through the pivot point where it's supposed to be 'resting' on a plastic bushing. No bushing -> noise.
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    If I haven't posted a picture of how my car sits in a few months, am I still active? 850 looks good, what're you looking for in a wagon Gabe?
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    Lol. All 7 active members of vs.
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    forgot to post this here thats on e85 / the new crack.
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    Seriously, now that the bumper is refinished, it totally changes the whole car. I'm also digging how clean the DOT-spec headlight lenses and corners are. It's refreshing to see especially when they're usually all sandblasted. DOT lenses can actually look good!