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    Yup. Also got the newer model RSRR's on the M3. I love them. For the money I can't think of anything stickier. Daily Firestone Indy 500's. Weekend toy Federal RSR's or the newer RSRR's
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    Lol trump divided us? yall forgot Obama’s 8 yrs of racial and gender identity politics? omfg some of you ate so blinded by your cofirmation bias. The fact that Hildabeast and the rest of her assclown gangsters aren’t in stripes yet should concern you. If you really read what’s going on, if you really can get your heads out of your asses, if you are really honest with yourself you’d see the law is for thee and not for me culture of the power elites but remembered conservatives want to push gramma off the cliff starve babies and put gay folks in concentration camps i can taste the stupid in the air. P.s. go to the for sale forum and buy my car!! lol cuz you’re paying for entitlements