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  1. We did a single day turn-and-burn from Detroit to Harrisburg, PA to get this over the weekend. It's Doug Strickler's old car for the OG's still around here. 1 of 50 99 LB's with a 2000R motor (that's currently blown). Currently awaiting an RN swap and M66. Can't wait to build it!
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  2. Very cool, will be even better with an M66!!! It's a Spektrum color, 91 Blue. It's the OEM winter wheel and tire package, can't even fit my finger in the gap between the caliper and the inside of the wheel. Honestly this thing has enough power stock, I'm driving this alongside a 90 hp TDI and a 150hp Beetle so it's enough to get me in trouble. It is called '91 Blue after all!
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  3. Most likely it would negatively contribute to downforce. The position of the roofbox is mostly between the axles but more towards / over the rear axle. Assuming an average human density of 985kg/m³, an estimated volume of 16 cubic ft. (0,45m³) for the roofbox and allowing for at minimum a 1/3 loss of volume due to parts of human not coming in convenient shapes this means approx. 310,275kg of weight is added to the vehicle. Plus another 15 to 20kg (33lbs-44lbs) for the roofbox itself. This is far to much and completely over the ~75kg (165lbs) limit as per the owner's manual for the pictur
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  4. Out of the Volvo game for a while longer... 2018 Golf R, 6spd manual with Driver Assist
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