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    You guys both need to paint your wings. Sincerely, People with sanity
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    silver mirror cap that bitch ASAP^
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    https://imgur.com/a/GYpJwkR nice album of progress pictures from all this refresh and upgrade work. Car is still out there as a result of some time crunch but I'll hopefully have a chance to journey back out for it soon. apart from the cyclinder head we did. new: ac compressor, ac accumulator, crank pulley, crank TB pulley because I bought the wrong balancer, oil pump seal and bring, big Volvo deseil oil cooler, water outlet oring, clamps that we're all worm gear are now oteiker, changed over the heat sheilding to a new style p2 one. Angle gear big ring seal, yother rear toe arms, removed old air run from the pcv box and routed directly to the catch can, adjustable timing gear, front engine mount, tie rods, control arms, front wheel bearings. Reclocked the front brake lines as well to avoid contact with the wheels. extensive!
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    Hi Guys, It's been a while. figured I'd update those who still use the forums. I bought a 2013 S60 T5 AWD, with only 38k miles on it back in October and have been adding parts to it for Carlisle 2k19. The other day I got my set of BBS CIR's on my S60 and painted the calipers gold. A few other mods include R-Design rear diffuser, Magnaflow custom axleback, R-Design trunklid spoiler, H&R Springs, K&N filter (if that even counts..), a few other things. But it's so comfortable and It's my favorite car I've owned so far. Pictures attached.