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    Bitches please, Flash Green always wins.
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    Silver = Low profile 🚓
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    All I know is that the last page and a half of this thread has resulted in my cum sock getting saturated. Gross, I know. But true.
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    Thanks! One of the other lappers there was a professional photographer who was doing work for the Ontario Time Attack Group. Couldn't say no to ordering a few when he posted the gallery up. Yes, those are the new tires I'm running. Zestino Gredge 07R in 205/45/17 size. I had the fronts up to 40psi and kept the rears at 36. The fronts were pretty much spot on for that day but the rears had a bit more roll and could've done with a couple more psi. OMG say whaaat! I didn't know you guys had a kid. Congrats!
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    Lol once I fix the boost leak and ETM I'm sure I'll change my mind. I need to clear my head by finishing parting out my 850 so I can clear a garage space. I love my red, but yeah... yellow wins in my book!! Unless anyone shows up with a Cassis R...
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    So, It's been a hot minute, but I haven't had a chance to get back to this until today. It was at least 75*F (25*C) here. so it was plenty warm enough to fully test the AC/cooling fan function, and I got a few minutes with the wife's '97 GLT when she got home from work. Confirming with her stock -936 ECU, turning on the AC engages the cooling fan. I then swapped in a flashed ECU with a modded -607 bin with the -936 AC routine (as done by @Piet) with is attached HERE. Turning on the AC did not engage the cooling fan, but seeing as the engine was already at temp, it did kick on after the engine warmed up a little more. Still not sure why the fan engages with the -936 bin, but not with the -607, but at this point I'm going to move forward with tuning, seeing as the cooling fan at least engages when needed. So thanks to @Turboforslund for extracting the -936 bin and to Piet for modding the -607 bin, allowing '97GLT's to be able to benefit from the tuning capabilities AND have working AC.
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    More Saffron!! Quick little driveway shot:
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    Indeed you are right, the 607 bin I was looking at was the rev5 and not the rev5b (d'oh, soooo much code and files). So change the value at address 0x7F0D on the 607rev5b to FB25 I've updated the M44 wikia
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    This page needs more Saffron. Rolled over 170k mi on the drive home from Cars and Coffee.