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    Congrats! Now you and Adam can have play dates and Volvo meets at the same time!
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    Picked up an egg crate and a set of jewels today at the junkyard! I just need to polish up the jewels and I'll throw them on. I just need to find a passenger side turn signal assembly, unfortunately that was missing on the car I got them from.
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    😂😂😂 Congratulations Greg!
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    Pics or it didn't happen
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    I thought about that after I posted it and logged off. I keep forgetting that the attachments don't work here... I have Dropbox, Google Drive, and my own personal hosting. I'll get it linked up later on today. EDIT - Try this link. If it works, I'll see about adding it to the Wiki. 607_rev5b_850GLT_Airco_V4.bin