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    Hit 2 major-ish snafus. Found out my front "Big Red" caliper are the wrong models. The part number showed correct in a couple of resources and they bolt up to the adapters perfectly. However, they do not fit over 32mm rotor. These are meant for a 28mm rotor. I couldnt find a Volvo 330x28 rotor, so im going to use a set of 320x28 for now. Porsche Caliper PN: 996.351.426 IMG_2437 by britt edward, on Flickr Second issue is a separated rear inner CV joint. I was putting it into the new hub/ bearing and I think it popped loose. I wanted to replace them anyway, but was hoping to wait a couple weeks. Replacement Axle should be here Wed/ thurs. Rear Untitled by britt edward, on Flickr
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    Thank you. Your P80 has been an inspiration. Im on the lookout for a clean XC bumper. Looks so good on yours. Manual conversion is definitely happening. Hopefully sooner rather than later. Rear 330mm setup is massive compared to the old. Can wait to bed them and then try them out. Untitled by britt edward, on Flickr