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    Reupholstered the sagging and flapping headliner in the first week of covid-19 self isolation... It turned out nearly perfect, except that I made a cut in the wrong spot on the sunroof visor, bit of a brain fart but an easy fix for when I get to it! Also replaced the oil cooler hoses to help deal with a persistent oil leak, which I believe was from when I was pulling the engine and forgot to unhook the oil cooler hose from the rad, and it stretched out while hoisting up the engine😅 Did a full detail last week, and then drove in the rain so didn't bother taking pics of the car 😒
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    I use 6.8, if you're using the latest free/trial version you may need to either source the 6.8 one or get your black hat on if you know what i mean.
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    Bought a pretty beat up black 850 R. The interior, was grungy, has a broken door panel, couple of broken vents and a few other issues that need attention. The exterior had some of the worst paint I've ever seen on a Volvo. I used my quarantine time to wrap it in a color shift gloss metallic blue/green vinyl from Vvivid. First time ever attempting to wrap a car, so I'm pretty damn happy with the results.
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