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    For anyone interested, I tune with adaptive knock on as it's my daily (full flashes no ostrich), so got sick of having to keep pulling battery/ecu to reset the adapative knock/fuel trims/etc when tweaking. Figured out if you set FLGINI (FLAG4.0 - initialization indicator) & clear the power fail counter (XCKPF0), it'll clear everything for next engine start and achieve the same as a full power down. I set this up to work with the pre start listener 'Clear all (0)' command so you can run it when needed (ign on - engine off) via TP or terminal, code is below (patch with hex editor or setup a patch in TP). patch @ 0x8985 02 8A AB 00 patch @ 0x8AAB 90 FD CB F0 90 FA F4 F0 D2 40 02 89 89