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    Ever since I got my 1969 Dodge Super Bee, Red has been ignored and left to sit in my garage during the summer and stored away in the winter. But since I sold my Quaife to a fellow member, I figured I should take Red to a tuner show and drop off the Quaife. She still looks good. I went to Sweden back in July 1998 to take delivery and spirit her around Sweden. 22 years old and only 126K miles.
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    Popular to contrary belief, a stock XC70 on all-season tires can be loads of fun to autox.
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    I had some Alpine Type S's in my old S70 (fronts only) and they were a decent upgrade. But I've had a set of Rockford Fosgates sitting here waiting for my V70R for 3 or 4 years and I just can't bring myself to start messing with them. That and the Dynaudio setup in my XC90 are two of my favorite factory systems. The upgraded Harman/Kardon system in our new XC60 doesn't even sound as good to me as the older units, though I will say the B&O option in the new cars is fantastic but costs silly money. And, keeping us on topic...the yellow is about to get a full mechanical makeover. FCP paid a good chunk of their rent off of me this week 🤣