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    I agree. The stock wheels are not great, but I think they can pass as OKAY when the car is lowered. I'm gonna swap the wheels eventually but I'm undecided about what to get. I have my Rotiform TMB wheels in the garage, but I'd need to change to a larger tire size, and I'm not sold on how they look on MK7. I've only found one pic online: I also like the golf R wheels (though they are 19") and neuspeed RSE10
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    wow. no i didnt. but if thats the case then a lot of other people would have this issue with so many of us having turbo cars but NA intake manifolds/TB etc checked its the same TPS for na/t5 etc. for like 10 years of volvo models
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    Yes I did get very lucky. However I was standing as far to the side as I could With my arms fully stretched out which is why I think I avoided getting hurt. Definitely learned my lesson. It’s definitely opened my eyes up to slowing down a little and taking more time to think things through.
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    Rough Etching trial. Going to try a different etching technique later in the week or weekend.