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    OK so I found my notes on this... kinda... the rest im gonna piece together with my general knowledge of EFI and stuff I found on the internet. So you can't just plug in the raw values because we have no idea how M44s constant was calculated and with what units... tL(ms) = mL / (n x K1) mL is corrected air mass. n is engine speed rpm. K1 is calculated constant. Lets pretend this is how K1 is calculated nCyl*14,7*Qstat[g/min]*0,0000167[ms/min]*60[min/h] / 1000[g/kg] Lets try this with 315cc injectors at idle (840rpm & 14kg/hr) K1 = 5 * 14.7 * 226g/min * 0.0000167 * 60 / 1000. K1 = .0166 tL = 14kg/hr / (840 * .0166) = 1ms Seems pretty legit. Honestly what I would do is look back at your logs and just try to solve for K (since we have no idea how M44s is calculated or what units it uses) with the units you want to use... it should always remain constant. tL(ms) = mL / (n x K1) (n * K1) = mL / tL K = mL (KG/HR) / tL (ms) / n (RPM) Plug values from your log in and you'll always get the same K, then just use that K. ~Matt
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    Good morning ol boys. Curious and hopeful if anyone would happen to have the metal plate and bar (the bolt cover spacer piece) that are positioned infront of and next/above the power steering pump on the p80 x70 series? Would you be willing to just pull it from your pile and ship it to me? Id pay shipping of course. I want to try my hand at using one of our big ass machines in the shop and engrave a logo into it and then sand blast and paint.