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    Car is running really well in locked 4WD mode
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    Wouldn't hurt to go a tad higher for now. you can always lower it progressively if the hookup issue is resolved. I had dual Magnaflow mufflers and a Magnaflow resonator, it was still very loud and the drone was still bad. Is the Borla a quieter muffler? I used a Stainless Works Turbo muffler on my K24 swap, much quieter than Magnaflow - also added a S40T resonator Exhaust is a good way to practice TIG. Use all SS tubing, is much easier to weld, keep the amps low, & you barely need filler rod
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    Wait for Justin to see that. He loves some weights.
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    Wasnt sure if you ment Netherlands Antilles Guilder since USD thats a quarter of what the whole car is worth lol.
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    I wouldn't want to be friends with anyone that doesn't love puppies.